Friday, 7 February 2020


Back to Mexico

Once again we are off to Mexico. We will spend most our time on Isla Mujeres, but there are some side trips in our plans.

Our first early morning flight was to Mexico City to connect with a short hop to Merida. Again we flew AeroMexico and again they treated us well (food, drinks, comfort).

Marc and Christel had planned to send their driver to the airport to pick us up but we had no idea what he looked like, what the car looked like or where we would find him. We decided to make ourselves just look obvious and to wait. After half an hour or so, this plan had not worked so we decided a phone call would be necessary. We could activate one of our cell phones (incurring roaming charges) or we could find a pay phone.

Heading back inside, we ran into Marc and Fidel coming out, looking for us. Christel followed close behind. Of course they had been looking for us inside while we were looking outside.

We all climbed into Marc's truck (not the little car we had been looking for) and headed out to find something to eat. Yucatan food tasted great in a little open stall in a little town square. I have no idea what town.

From there we drove to Telchac Puerto (home for a few days). Entering from a narrow dirt street, we walked past the garage, past the pizza oven, past the pool, through the carved wooden door into a beautiful Mexican home with all the modern conveniences. The appliances are large industrial models. Only a dishwasher was missing because Marc could not find one that would survive the humidity. The hole where the dishwasher was supposed to live contained a garbage container.

At the back (front) of the house is an enclosed dining area, an open garden, and an open patio. Right outside the wall (spitting distance) is a gorgeous beach which may extend for miles un both directions.

We sat to have a welcome drink and to catch up. Sleep followed soon.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Back on the Cabot Trail

Chéticamp Mi Careme

Mi Careme is a break from Lent. It is a very local celebration where people dress up and visit host houses. The host tries to guess who is in the costume. If they guess correctly, they share treats with the visitors. It used to last only one day, but now extends for a whole week.

Chéticamp Rug Museum

We stopped for the night in Chéticamp at the Silver Lining Inn. Our room was an "accessible unit", very clean and very appropriate.

In the morning we visited the Chéticamp Rug Museum. Here we saw hooked rugs by Elizabeth LeFort. Her work is world renowned. She has created rugs for the Kennedys, for Lester Pearson, for Pierre Trudeau, and many others. Her work is absolutely amazing.

Chéticamp is an Acadian community. This tree represents the Acadian families.

This rug just seemed especially beautiful.

The Bluenose II

Jackie Kennedy

This rug had 510 hand-dyed colours.

The Fathers of the Confederation

Cabot Trail

Shortly after leaving Baddeck, it started to rain hard. The highway was awash and the travelling was slow. We stopped at many artisan shops and hoped for better weather.

There were not many chances for pictures.

One glass shop was particularly amazing.

I liked the dragon, Deb not so much.

Flowers for the garden

Sculpture on the lawn
Finally we were able to get some pictures of the amazing scenery.

As we turned inland to cross the island, we went higher. The clouds closed in on us and and again we lost sight of the surrounding scenery. Coming out on the western coast, it brightened up and we could actually see the sky in the distance.

In Chéticamp we stayed in a little inn called the Silver Lining Inn. The village is stretched along the shore. There are many motels, cabins, inns and other forms of rentals. The homes are well cared for but the most conspicuous element is space. Yards are huge creating huge expanses between homes.

Night Out

Generally, by the time evening rolls around, we just want to rest. Today we have spent the whole day in Baddeck, so we are prepared for a night on the town. It started with dinner at one of the nicest restaurants in town.

This is how Deb looks when lobster and mussels are delivered.

This is how she looks when the plate is empty.
After dinner we went to a Ceilidh (gathering). It was in the Baddeck Parish Hall. A fiddler and a pianist taught us about Cape Breton music and played for about two hour. They were wonderful.